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Call us today to discuss your skin concerns

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Do you want to look and feel the best you can?

Are skin or hair concerns holding you back from feeling your best? Do you want to look and feel great again but aren’t sure how to get there?

Nancy Laats is here to help with holistic, personalised skincare and haircare from her welcoming home-based clinic.


The Nancy Laats Difference


At Nancy Laats, you won’t get superficial treatments that merely paper over your skin or hair concerns.

You’ll get an in-depth consultation that looks at the root causes of your skin or hair health challenges, from lifestyle and diet to health conditions and stress.

You’ll get a tailored, holistic treatment plan that targets the physical signs of your skin or hair health challenges but also helps address the underlying causes.

You’ll get expert advice and ongoing care to keep your skin and hair looking great.

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Trusted Treatments

Every treatment at Nancy Laats is proven, safe and effective, and in Nancy’s experienced hands, can deliver the results you’ve been waiting for.

Beautiful woman receiving microneedling rejuvenation treatment. Mesotherapy.


Turn back the clock with smoother, firmer skin

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    Micro needles that create slight trauma to the skin resulting in stimulation of collagen and elastin.

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    Suitable for multiple body areas, most commonly the face, but also the neck, back and legs

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    Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, mild scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone


Say goodbye to stubborn fat without going under the knife

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    Mesotherapy micro-injections target your fat cells

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    Fat cells are destroyed and naturally removed by your body

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    Currently treating face, neck and hands


Hair Loss Treatment with Growth Factors

Target receding hairlines and enjoy thicker hair

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    Stimulate hair growth using human growth factors injections

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    See the difference after 3–6 monthly treatments alongside a home care system

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    Suitable for all hair types, men and women


Leading Dermalogica skincare treatments suitable for all skin types

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    Exceptional skincare from Nancy Laats, your qualified Dermalogica Skin Expert with Dermalogica Platinum Circle status

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    Find relief from a range of skin concerns including hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, acne breakouts and tone and texture problems

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    Treatments include:

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Nancy Laats is Dermalogica Ambassador and she is part of an elite group of skin experts achieving

Platinum Circle Status (2020/2021/2022) and Gold Circle Status (2019).

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